Look Sensational for Valentine’s Day with Your New Hair Color

Jan 27th, 2013

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Look Sensational for Valentine’s Day with Your New Hair Color

Are you bored with your existing hair color? Do you want to get the finest hair color tip from the beauty Gods this Valentine’s Day? Well, you have ended up on the correct page, Fabi’s Hair Studio have the magic wand of the beauty God’s this year! We have decided to glorify each and every moment of this Valentine’s Day for you by sharing some of the trendiest hair colors which will make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one. As an outfit accentuates the beauty of the body similarly Hair accentuates the beauty of the soul. Hence, our year’s focus is Hair color. Fabi’s will help you revamp your look by touching your hair with the best shade ever.

Here are some Fabi’s hot favorite hair color choices which will help you fix the monotony of your previous look in a jiffy.

Highlights Your Hair with Hot Colors

The all time favorite, the evergreen fashion icon of the hair color world is still fresh this year too. Highlights are possibly the quickest remedy for a quick makeover. Short and chopped manes can be best glamorized by using a few highlight streaks here and there. When hair is uniformly colored the layer fail to get identified. Hence, the hairdo can only be accentuated with sporadic highlights. The hot colors this year are rust, gold, and brown. These elegant shades will maintain the natural look and at the same time they won’t surpass the significance of the moments.

highlight hair color

Beyonce’s Highlights in the past Clebszz.com

The sexy longer manes can be very attractive when colored with the right shade. The pitch dark black shade resembling that of an inky night is super sexy. This year we thought to break the traditional rules of blonde, brunettes, white shades and decided to pave our path towards oriental beauty secret. Inner confidence and courage can very well carry this jet black shade! Make that little oriental space hiding inside you prominent this Valentine’s Day.

Dark or Light Ombre Shades

The hallucinating and the mystifying effect of the Ombre shade is back this year. Ombre shade looks marvelous on medium length and long hair. If you are looking for the chic city look with a touch of bohemian inspiration than Ombre can be the best shade for you.

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Hair Color. Photo credit: Mimoza291 / CC BY-SA

Introduce one of these shades into your life and discover the new you this Valentine’s Day. For further details, ideas and queries do contact us at Fabi’s Hair Studio in NYC. The obscure focus to look good sometimes reaches extremities and the aftermath is a messy look which overshadows the true inner beauty! Prevent this from happening and join us at Fabi’s to glamorize your looks and steal the most romantic stare from that someone special!