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The hair color industry has marked a definitive and remarkable impression in the fashion industry. We find attractive hair color packages outrageously dominating the shelves of our local supermarkets and the chic salons that we love to visit for the sexiest makeover. Pondering over the tiny little printed text on the glossy packages demonstrating the ingredients of the hair color will not only educate us but also will help save our hair cuticles and our scalp in the long run.

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Innovation in Hair Color systems! 100% Organic 100% Ammonia Free!

Our new product line organic color systems are the most fascinating introduction to the hair color industry. This innovative approach is initiated only after the establishment of the oxidative hair color method. We love to carry this product line because this line of product is naturally derived from plant based materials, they are vegan and environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and they are 100 % free from the toxic element ammonia. Our newly introduced hair color systems guarantee the best scalp health and the supreme health of the client’s mane. It is mandatory to state that these natural shades have revolutionized the hair color industry including the salon professionals.



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Yes! 100% Vegan, 100% Organic

Our newly found product line of Organic Color Systems provides as many shades as any other chemical hair color systems. Myriad shades are being experimented; moreover they are long lasting and are permanent. These unbeatable qualities are making this product a sought after thing for the clients as well as the professionals. Why not replace something which is toxic with a 100 % natural, gentle, superior and toxic free product? Our new product line of organic hair color systems unlike the rest of the chemical products available in the market do not constitute the alkalizing, toxic, harsh chemical like ammonia, which is believed to impart a considerable amount of drying and harm to the hair cuticles. The irreparable damage done by ammonia cannot be reverted back and the hair in due course of time loses its natural luster and the quality to hold the color molecules permanently.

Try out Organic Color Systems and flatter people around you with your bouncing, healthiest manes! Do feel free to speak to your hair color specialist at Fabi’s Hair Studio for more information about these products. Our hair color specialists at Fabi’s would be glad to demonstrate this new product.