Murray Hill Hair Straightening

Nov 18th, 2021

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Murray Hill Hair Straightening

At Fabi’s Hair Studio, we offer you only the very best options for styling your hair and that includes straightening. It can sometimes be a frustrating process that can leave you with anxiety and that’s why we are proud to offer Japanese hair straightening. With our Murray Hill hair straightening, you get your hair worked on with a simple and highly effective method that will leave you with your hair looking just as you want it to.

Perhaps you’ve tried many other ways. You’ve used a straightening iron. Okay, good results except that it only lasts until the next time you wash your hair. That’s an awful lot of work for such a short-lived reward. Hair relaxers tend to last a little longer than that, but with our Murray Hill hair straightening, we offer you treatments that not only work, but they last. How does that happen? Japanese hair straightening breaks the chemical bond of your hair. This allows it to fall straight instead of curling. There are two types and we do them both here. The first is Yuko. It has specific requirements. If you have had your hair treated before with solutions that use thio or lye, or if you are African American, you are probably not a good candidate for Yuko. The second type is called Liscio. It is a newer method that can be used even if your hair has been previously given chemical treatments. It comes in different strength levels for various kinds of hair, including for African Americans.

When you come in for our Murray Hill hair straightening, you will need to allow from 2 to 8 hours for the process. Your hair is washed first, using a pretreatment shampoo. Then the chemical solution is applied, followed by a rinse and blow dry. The thermal straight iron is then used on one section at a time, after which a final chemical solution application is done and one last blow dry. We’re certain that you will be excited and pleased with your results. Call us today and schedule an appointment.