Keratin Treatments

May 22nd, 2021

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Keratin Treatments

At Fabi’s Hair Studio our Keratin treatments will leave your hair looking luxurious, shiny and full of health. Keratin is a kind of conditioning treatment that gives you the straightest, smoothest most soft hair ever. It lasts for months, so you’ll only need one treatment every so often. Say goodbye to messy, frizzy hair with our Keratin treatments that seal and condition every strand of your hair.

Besides Keratin treatments we also have a full range of salon styles and services to choose from. Our cuts are done by our professional and creative staff, in any shape or style you desire, for both men and women. And ask us about our new Japanese hair straightening technique, which can give you straight as edge hair without the need for blow drying or flat ironing that can create major heat damage. Your hair as a result will end up straight as a pin, with little damage to it. Your hair will also stay straight permanently. As the hair grows, new applications will need to be done, but we can provide you with a quick touch up so that you can have straight hair, forever.

We’re open Tuesday through Saturday for Keratin treatments. Our color treatments range the gamut, from custom highlights that will have you looking summery and light for the season, to colored weaves, to the latest in-styles of fashion coloring. And, we only use the best in professional haircare and hair color products, so you can be assured that you’re getting only the best. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our coloring experts or one of our stylists. We know you’ll love the way you look when you walk out of Fabi’s Hair Studio and you’ll be back for more of our wonderful customer service and awesome.