How To Tame Frizz

Feb 7th, 2013

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How To Tame Frizz

Whether it’s a blazing hot, humid summer day or a shivery cold winter night, frizzy hair can strike and have you standing in front of the mirror trying to calm that curl. Maybe your hair is naturally curly and tends to frizz in certain conditions. Maybe it’s straight and fine but on occasion it curls up and surprises you with annoying flyaway strands. Longer hair tends to be more susceptible to damage and dryness than shorter looks – it gets brushed, combed, and endures damage from styling which could lead to frizz if you’re not careful – and who wants that?

There are some solutions that will help you tame that frizz and keep your hair smooth and healthy, regardless of length.


Minimize the Damage

Make sure you are getting regular trims and cuts to avoid split ends. Even if you’re trying to grow your locks to Rapunzel lengths, you need to get a trim every six to eight weeks for maximum health. Split ends and dry hair tend to cause frizz, so keep your hair healthy and well nourished. You can also use a little bit of conditioner or Jojoba oil on the ends of the hair to keep them healthy. Be careful not to use too much though – you don’t want to wind up looking like you just stepped out of a Jojoba oil shower. If you are noticing a lot of damage and you have long hair, you could experiment with a bold new shorter look.


Work with Your Curl

 Don’t fight your hair – work with it. You can make the most out of your gorgeous curls if you make sure you’re using the correct products. If you have loose curls, find the best mousses, gels, or creams to fight frizz but embrace the curl. If your look is tight ringlets, you might need a different product to bring out your Botticelli look. Some products can “lock” your curl into place, which will reduce frizz and give you the look you want. Mousse tends to work best with fine hair, and creams help more course, curly locks.


Eat For Healthy Locks

What you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Be sure your diet is heavy on fruits, veggies, and fish like salmon that are high in Omega-3. Drink a lot of water too, and you’ll notice healthier hair.


There are other options for taming frizz: Blowouts, flat irons, and Keratin treatments. Talk to your stylist about what might work for you, and have fun embracing your cult and fighting that frizz!