How to Make Red Hair Color Last

Oct 22nd, 2012

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How to Make Red Hair Color Last

Red hair color is notorious for fading quickly due to washing and the elements. By taking measures to ensure the color lasts longer, it is easier to maintain the amazing look for a few months before the shade begins fading and taking on that dull, rusty appearance that redheads everywhere dread.

While it is inevitable that it will eventually fade, some careful planning will make the color last much longer. The first key is avoiding constant washing. Stick to washing the hair every other day in cool or even cold water, and use a shampoo designed for red hair color. Washing in hot water is the number one cause of fading because more of the color comes out in hot water than it does with cool or cold water.

Another key is avoiding sunlight as much as possible. The sun will naturally start bleaching out the color, resulting in a faded orange or pinkish look. When planning an outdoor excursion, wear a hat or use a scarf to cover your hair. This will limit the fading from the sun and ensure the color lasts much longer. For more details about maintaining red colored hair or for a specific shade of color come in to Fabi’s Hair Studio for a free consultation.

Photography: Andy / Andrew Fogg