How to Choose the Right Hair Highlights

Oct 22nd, 2012

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How to Choose the Right Hair Highlights

Choosing the right hair highlights is a matter of knowing what colors compliment your complexion. You don’t want to go with a color that will make your skin look pale or will clash with your eye color. It would be best to choose highlights that really brighten up your face and make you look vibrant and glowing.

For example, if you have very dark brown hair, you might select a caramel or honey color that is only three or four shades lighter than your natural color. Colors like these will brighten up your complexion and add some contrast to your naturally dark locks. People with red or auburn hair also tend to look good with very light or ash blonde highlights.

If you have black hair, you may want to consider getting some red or auburn highlights. Light brown hair highlights tend to look good on people with blonde hair. If you hair is naturally a dark or dirty blonde, you might consider getting very light blonde or platinum highlights in your hair.

If you are unsure about what colors will look good, you can always ask your stylist to give you some pointers at your appointment. Most beauticians also have books on hand filled with pictures of what various highlight colors look like against different hair shades.

Photo Credit to Maria Morri