How to Benefit from a Keratin Treatment

Aug 28th, 2012

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How to Benefit from a Keratin Treatment

Keratin hair treatments can be very beneficial for the health of your hair. Keratin is a natural protein found within the hair, repairing and filling areas of the hair’s cuticles when they are damaged or too dry. Keratin hair straightening treatments use a mixture of keratin with formaldehyde, which is stated by scientists and hair care professionals to have no noticeable damage to the hair. The use of the formaldehyde causes the hair to secure molecules filled with keratin together, thus straightening hair and keeping it relaxed.

Results can last up to 2-3 months, if the treatment process is efficient and effective. The time of treatment usually takes 90+ minutes, depending on the thickness and length of your natural hair. After receiving a treatment, clients are informed not to wash their hair for 3-4 days, as this is the time it takes keratin treatments to completely work. Clients are also informed that they can in fact get hair coloring done to keratin treated hair. In fact, most hair professionals recommend hair coloring quickly after receiving keratin treatment, as it will secure coloring in much more effectively.

Keratin is a protein that is found in our hair, skin and nails. Because most hair salon treatments using keratin are intended to straighten hair, many people believe that the protein is only associated with straight hair. While there is some truth to the assumption that keratin can straighten hair, this is a slight misconception. Keratin is present in all hair, and a keratin treatment actually strengthens hair as opposed to merely straightening it.

A keratin treatment provided by a salon professional involves the use of a solution that infuses one’s hair with keratin, thereby repairing all the flaws within the hair and making it stronger. This reduces frizz and increases the hair’s shine, but the keratin itself doesn’t actually straighten the hair. The cocktail of chemicals that make up the solutions used in most keratin treatments actually alter the structure of the hair, which can provide a straightening effect.

Keratin treatments are available in salons all over the world, but just like any beauty treatment results may vary from one person to the next or from one salon to the next. As always, it is best to consult a hair professional to decide what treatment may be best for you.