How Does a Brazilian Blowout Work

Oct 22nd, 2012

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How Does a Brazilian Blowout Work

The Brazilian blowout is one of the newest hair care procedures. It is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts 10-12 weeks. The ideal candidate for the Brazilian blowout is someone who has frizzy, damaged hair. This treatment can also be performed on people who have chemically-relaxed hair.

If you want to get the Brazilian blowout done, you should make sure that you go to a professional hair salon. A hair stylist is the only one who is qualified to do the Brazilian blowout. Many women have suffered devastating hair loss because they got this treatment done by someone who was not a professional.

The first thing that the stylist will do is wash and condition your hair. After he or she washes and conditions your hair, they will apply the keratin solution. The stylist will then blow-dry your hair. After your hair is fully dry, the stylist will straighten it will a flat-iron. Your stylist will wash your hair again after having straightened it. After your hair has been washed for a second time, it will be blow-dried again. The time that it takes the stylist to do the Brazilian keratin treatment can vary, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. If you wish to learn more about this treatment make an appointment for a consultation at Fabi’s Hair Studio with one of our hair care experts.

Photography by Gianmaria Zanotti

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