Hair Colors to Try in 2023

Mar 20th, 2023

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Hair Colors to Try in 2023

Hair color has a way of making you feel – from hair color changing your mood to hair color changing your aura, the shade of your locks can really make a big impact on how people view you and how you view life. Since hair is the crown of the head, wouldn’t you want it to compliment who you are? Get inspired by some of the most popular hair colors of 2023.

Customized Platinum

We are talking about platinum blondes that suit each individual skin tone. Instead of icy platinum locks, more personalized platinum hair allows us to slowly transition from cooler tones to warmer blonde highlights in the summer.

Rich Reds

As 2022 gave way to copper and ginger, browns with hints of red will be more forgiving to those who are only starting to try out a red color. Meanwhile, a deeper, darker, and more unnatural vampy red with violet undertones will suit those wanting a more glam look.

Understated Blonde

Beige blonde, mushroom blonde, and honey blonde, the more understated and low-maintenance counterpart of platinum blonde will make way for those looking to give their hair a rest. Understated Blonde colors are a great way for anyone looking to lighten their hair while keeping it natural looking.

Deep Brown

If you are tired of light colors, go dark with a deep brown. A deep brown will offer a bit more shine and dimension than monochrome black hair, leaving your locks looking healthy and nourished.

Dip Dye is Back

We saw the peekaboo hair were strands are hidden under the top layer of your hair, but we are opting for another kind of two-tone dye job. From more muted tonal shades like brown and blonde, to bold colors like purple and pink, dip dye offers another direction for those looking to show their creative side through their locks.

Consult with hair coloring experts to achieve the best look you have this year.