Hair Care:Secrets to Bleached Hair

Sep 19th, 2022

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Hair Care:Secrets to Bleached Hair

The transformative power of changing your hair color is no joke. If you have ever bleached your hair, you know how fun it is to experiment with different colors – from natural tones to out-there colors – being able to alter your looks with your hair can be empowering.

But with changing or lifting hair colors comes a familiar process we read and heard about from anyone who has done it. The process is long and can be damaging to your strands. What once was shiny healthy hair can turn to brittle and dull hair.

If you have just lifted your hair color and you are experiencing this, here are a few hair care secrets that can help you revive your bleached locks.

Wash Day Frequency

After bleaching or dying your hair, give it a break by going longer without washing. On your wash days, use a sulfate-free and protein-rich formula of shampoo and conditioner.


Deep Condition

Restore the strength of your hair with deep conditioning treatments. These treatments contain a high concentration of beneficial ingredients that help you revitalize your hair in just a few minutes.

Avoid The Heat

Using too much heat on your bleached locks can cause double the damage. If you can, only use heat on your hair occasionally with a heat protectant and opt for hairstyles that are gentle to your hair.

Carefully Style

Putting your hair up in a tight ponytail can cause breakage around the hairline and the area around the hair tie. Use a satin scrunchie to keep your hair from tangling.

Don’t Overdo It!

Bleaching is an intense process. If you notice your roots growing back and want to touch-up your roots , ask your stylist to only cover that part as your ends are more fragile and are most prone to breakage.